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Thank you to experience more than twenty years of the holder could training a professionally his staff: qualified, young and enterprising to creat a good team with him for the manufacture of reed blocks. The commitment in the production, accuracy and the care of small details in the various phases of working as stamping, bonding, cutting and cleaning did that to present our reed blocks are used in Italy and abroad. Our customers know that the R.C.R. guarantees and warrant a high quality product. Also in close collaboration with the buyer, we are able to meet and resolve every need technical on the development of new products and the modification of those already existing.


Every musical instrument has a key element wich enables the propagation of sound; in the accordions we have the reed block that is the part of wood enables the installation of the various sets of reeds. The main quality assessed by manufacturer is the use of different species of wood. The reedblock is consists of 3 main parts: the head (or back), the body (or partitions) and the base; this latter section is the part wich is firmly placede against the bass plate. Every part is made with various types of wood in accordance with the requirements and customer's need.


The company R.C.R. Was founded in 2004; the amministrator CRISTIAN RAGNINI ROLANDO, after several years of experience in the construction of reedblocks for accordions, obtain the company where he worked from 1990 at the "teacher" (maestro) Francenella Giancarlo in the Sonerfisa. Thanks to the passione inherited from his father that has always worked in the field of accordion, has developed systems and procedures to ensure the maximum care and quality product made completely by hand.


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